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Ghost Pipe - Buchanan Fiber Co.
Ghost Pipe - Buchanan Fiber Co.
Ghost Pipe - Buchanan Fiber Co.
Yarn Weight Length yd Weight g Variety
Worsted 14 WPI 250 144 Tanguis
Sport 18 WPI 250 88 Tanguis
Lace 10/2 500 55 Tanguis
Cobweb 20/2 1,000 55 Pima

Ghost Pipe

Cotton Yarn
$24.00 USD
We have 3 Lace in stock


This super soft yarn is hand-dyed using 100% GOTS certified unmercerized cotton imported from Peru. All of our yarn is dyed, then overdyed over multiple days to create an effect similar to kettle dyeing with subtle color variations. There are 4 weights available of each colorway.

Tanguis cotton is a Peruvian cotton which is very soft, durable, and environmentally friendly as it needs less water to grow than other varieties. Our cobweb weight yarn is made of Pima cotton, which has an extra-long staple length, making it a durable yarn choice for hard-wearing items. Our yarn is perfect for knitting, weaving, or crochet.

We have made our best attempt to color correct the product photos to accurately represent the colors.