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Dyer's Variety Pack #2 - Cotton
Dyer's Variety Pack #2 - Cotton
Dyer's Variety Pack #2 - Cotton
Yarn Weight Length yd Weight g Variety
Sport 18 WPI 250 88 Tanguis
Lace 10/2 500 55 Tanguis
Cobweb 20/2 1,000 55 Pima

Dyer's Variety Pack #2 - Cotton

Cotton Yarn
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This variety pack comes with 2 skeins of worsted weight cotton yarn. Each skein is 250yds. This pack also includes 2 skeins of sport weight cotton yarn. One skein is 250yds and the other skein is 100yds. 

These are skeined for dyeing (except the 250yd sport weight skein), meaning they are 4yds instead of the usual 2yd wrap. Dyeing yarn in such a large loop means there's a much lower chance of pooling. To reskein after dyeing, you can use 2 chairs with backs to hold the skein in place while winding on a swift. 

This sport and worsted weight yarn is 100% GOTS certified unmercerized cotton imported from Peru. Tanguis cotton is very soft, durable, and environmentally friendly as it needs less water to grow than other varieties. Our yarn is perfect for knitting, weaving, crochet, and dyeing.