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Mixed Colors - 3.5oz
Mixed Colors - 3.5oz
Mixed Colors - 3.5oz

Mixed Colors - 3.5oz

Suri Alpaca Locks
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This is the remainder of our hand-dyed Suri locks! You'll get 3.5oz of a mixed assortment of colors, seen in the photo. 

Suri Alpaca - 1oz

Staple length = 5-8"

Our Suri alpaca comes from a small family farm located in WI. We source either fine or extra fine fleeces, which are carefully hand washed to maintain lock integrity before kettle dyeing in small batches.

These are perfect for carding into art batts, spinning into art yarn, or combing into roving. We kettle dye with the goal of each lock having more than one color on it for a fun spinning experience! We try to keep the locks intact, but some areas may have turned to "fluff" during the washing process.

We have made our best attempt to color correct the product photos to accurately represent the colors.