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Rambouillet Wool Roving
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4 oz of hand-dyed, soft roving! Our roving comes from family run farms in Wyoming, who have been stewards of the land for generations. The mill that's local to the farms works to create a lasting relationship with its farmers by paying a fair price for the wool and advertising how local and sustainable their operation is. 

I then hand-dye the roving in small batches to ensure even, repeatable color distribution between braids. The roving is then double checked to make sure no felting occurred during the dye process, so you have an excellent spinning experience!

Softness rating: Soft
Staple length: 2.5-3"
Spinning skill level: Intermediate - There are some neps since this is roving and not combed top that can be challenging, in addition to the staple length being short.

There is some VM in this roving, as the sheep are uncoated, but most pieces fall out during spinning.  

Hand wash in cool water for best results. Some color bleeding may occur even though the roving has been rinsed.