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Las Gralarias


Cloud Forest Habitat Conservation

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Las Gralarias Foundation, which raises funds for Reserva Las Gralarias in Mindo, Ecuador. The goal of the reserve is to protect land at varying altitudes of cloud forest habitat that would otherwise be used for agricultural purposes. I was fortunate enough to intern at the reserve for a month in 2011 and I am confident that funds will be put towards much needed conservation efforts. The reserve has an abundance of amphibians, which is why all the colorways of this series are inspired by reptiles and amphibians. Be on the lookout for the Las Gralarias badge to see which products will have 15% of proceeds donated to conservation efforts. Visit reservalasgralarias.com to learn more!

$229 donated to date!



Our view from the research station at Reserva Las Gralarias in Mindo, Ecuador
Photo by Francesca Erickson