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Our Story

Thanks for checking out my shop! My background is in ecology, but I have found a great way to combine my creativity with conservation through fiber arts. I feature milkweed floss in some of my products, which benefits critical habitat for Monarch butterflies. I try my best to make all my products as environmentally-friendly as possible, while still providing an excellent spinning experience. This means only using family-farmed wool from shepherds who are concerned both about the welfare of their animals and the land they use. All my shipping materials are recycled and products’ plastic bags are high quality to ensure many uses out of them. I dye all my products and use the landscapes around me as inspiration. In addition, I’ve always been interested in trophic systems and am introducing colorways in a similar manner that is seen in nature (insects, reptiles, birds, mammals). Proceeds from these colorways are donated to conservation organizations that work with the group of animals the colorways are inspired by. I hope you find something that speaks to you in my shop and have as much fun as I do spinning it up!

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Boston, MA