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Bulk Cotton Sliver - Mix
Bulk Cotton Sliver - Mix
Bulk Cotton Sliver - Mix

Bulk Cotton Sliver - Mix

Cotton Sliver
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7.5oz of hand dyed Pima cotton sliver for spinning! This sliver was dyed with the intention of blending with milkweed to make punis, but it's perfectly suitable to be spun as is! I do take less care when dyeing this sliver compared to my other products (since I blend it further), so there may be some areas that are "crunchy" or where the sliver has started to split. 

I've used the same cotton as I do for my punis, so it's ethically sourced (100% GOTS certified) as well as combed for making smooth yarn.

We have made our best attempt to color correct the product photos to accurately represent the colors.

Care instructions: Hand wash with cool water, lay flat to dry