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Ohio Spiderwort

Cotton Alpaca Punis
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Set of approximately 13 punis - 1 oz (~30 g) total

50% GOTS certified Pima cotton
50% Suri alpaca

Punis are my favorite way to spin cotton! If you have been interested in trying cotton, but not quite ready to take the plunge, this cotton/alpaca blend is for you. The Suri’s long staple makes practicing long draw much easier than pure cotton while creating a yarn with drape and a slight halo.
The cotton is GOTS certified, non-GMO, and fair-trade imported from Peru. This cotton is also combed, meaning all the short fibers have been removed to create an end product with less neps. It’s hard to find Pima with this many great qualities!

The Suri alpaca is sourced from a family farm in Oconto, WI. I have personally met the owners of the herd and selected a Grade 3 “fine” fleece with very few second cuts and VM. The fleece has been washed and kettle dyed in small batches by Buchanan Fiber Co. The alpaca has been dyed in coordinating colors to the original cotton colorway, except with grey added to create a complex colorway unique to the alpaca/cotton blend.

About this colorway - Ohio Spiderwort
This colorway is inspired by the Ohio Spiderwort, a native plant to Wisconsin.

I have hand-blended and hand-dyed all fibers in small batches. Although I have done my best to rinse out all dye, some colors may bleed (especially the darker colors) when setting the ply.

We have made our best attempt to color correct the product photos to accurately represent the colors.