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Meteor Shower

CVM-Cormo Wool Roving
$18.00 USD
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2 oz of hand-dyed, ultra-soft roving! The sheep used to create this roving graze on a beautiful ridge in south central Wisconsin. The shepherdess coats her flock, meaning there’s no VM in any of the roving. She has been breeding her flock with spinner’s in mind, making this some of the softest roving I have encountered. It is minimally processed to maintain all the natural bounce and crimp of the breeds at Ewetopia Mill in Viroqua, WI.

I then hand-dye the roving in small batches to ensure even, repeatable color distribution between braids. The roving is then double checked to make sure no felting occurred during the dye process, so you have an excellent spinning experience!

Limited Run

The shepherdess has downsized her flock since I’ve had this roving produced, and am unsure if I’ll be able to make more. I only had a small quantity made, so if you are on the fence, please have this in mind!